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Fall Faves with Larika Page: Embracing the season of change with style.

There is something about fall that reminds people of change. Maybe it’s watching the crisp autumn leaves as they transform into beautiful shades of amber and rust, or the feeling of the warm gentle breeze of summer, turn into brisk autumn winds. Just the thought of the season brings visions of cozy Sundays curled up on the couch in front of a crackling fireplace, wearing my fuzzy socks with my favorite cup of coffee in hand, breathing in the scent of dark roast and hazelnut. As much as I can appreciate a good cozy day, and the permission that it gives me to do “nothing”, I am in no way a fall lover. I know, I know! Being born and raised in the NW how can I not love fall? It’s true, I have betrayed my NW roots in exchange for the ability to frolic in sunshine and heat! I hijack coziness occasionally and pretend as though I have loved it my whole life, but in 2020 we are changing the game!

This year, I decided to embrace fall with open arms, and in doing so, my dear friend, Fashion Expert and PDX native, Larika Page - Owner of Larika Page Collection and Doi’yen Marketplace, is going to bless us with her 2020 Fall Faves. That’s right friends, our favorite homegrown award-winning designer is about to help us reel in the season of cinnamon and spice with her must haves list of beauty, fashion, and home goods selections. Are you as excited as me? Let's get into it!

Larika Page: I am in complete agreeance with you, Jenelle, and your statement of not being in love with fall. I think being born and raised in Portland where fall seems to be a never-ending season, has everything to do with it…we just had way too much of it. However, I must admit that since becoming an Atlanta transplant, I have grown to look forward to fall. Simply because in the south we have way too much summer and quite frankly, you don’t know the good you had until it’s gone. I’d also have to say that fall is fashion’s greatest season, not only do you present your fashion creativity in layers on the body, you also get to clothe your home in preparation of the holidays and the following winter season. I thought I’d share some of my favorite ways to welcome in fall, with beauty, fashion and home goods. I hope you enjoy!

1. First and foremost, ushering in fall means bracing for the cool weather so it’s imperative that we protect the largest organ in our body, which is of course our skin. I do that with Bahia Honey Body Beautiful. This cream is the perfect texture with enough thickness to coat and moisturize the skin without leaving you oily. It’s all natural and has an amazing healing effect. My 4 year old fell face first on the concrete after being picked up by her friend, and I immediately cleaned the wound, then put a generous amount of Body Beautiful, and within 2 days the wound was growing fresh skin over it. The best part about this brand is that it is owned and personally created by a woman of color who is also a Portland native! A definite must have.

2. Since we’re on skin, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my all-time favorite foundation. Now I am no make-up connoisseur, I love to just moisturize and go with a fresh dewy face and a great lip. However, every girl needs the perfect foundation for those special moments, and all of the holiday parties that fall brings (Not to mention Covid-19 is forcing us to stay camera ready these days with all of the Zoom meetings we’re having). I have found the perfect foundation! Pat McGrath Sublime Perfect Foundation is the TRUTH! It is seriously like a second skin that leaves your face feeling light, moisturized and provides flawless coverage. Every time I wear it, I get amazing skin compliments and I even forget at times that I have it on. It’s just enough for the girl who wants to occasionally spruce up her face, and the woman who wears foundation daily will swear by it! Trust me, just go buy it!

3. What is fall without rain? Wherever you are, fall is going to bring a bit of rain and of course the Pacific Northwest in me draws a great attraction to rain boots. I must say the absolute best rain boot I’ve seen for this season is from Chloe’. Chloe’s Betty Rain Boot made of PVC marries high-end fashion with a bit of utilitarian and lots of functionality. While they have a slew of gorgeous colors to choose from, the Nomad Beige are my absolute favorites. Chloe’ was really smart with this design which allows the consumer to get lots of wear across seasons in these babies.

4. What are a great pair of fall boots without an amazing pair of pants to rock with. This fall favorite is very dear to me as it’s one of my own creative labors. I designed the large cuff trouser several years ago but find myself bringing them back season after season. This design is such a classic and so sharp. We make it in virtually every fabric from denim and wool in fall/winter to linen and silk in spring/summer. It’s just the right amount of design detail that makes them flattering on everyone. Larika Page Collection

5. My next must have for fall is definitely a good classic trench! Nowadays there are so many trench coats to choose from, varying in fabrication, color, and length but my favorite is always the oversized large lapeled belted trench. Jacquemus did this trend so beautifully this year with his Sabe oversized trench (shown on the right). What is so perfect about this coat is its versatility. Throw it on with a t-shirt and sweats and your ready to run errands, layer up with a sweater and some jeans on a cooler day, or throw it over a silk dress and your ready for cocktails. Anyway you wear it, its super chic and always in style. So whichever trench you find that calls your name, go for it! Its a closet staple that will keep you polished for years to come.

6. Speaking of layering pieces, this next piece came to me because I sat back and really thought about what I love to wear. What immediately came to mind, especially because this pandemic has made comfort the number one priority, was my sweatshirts. I literally have 2 different ones that stay in rotation sometimes daily. One, an oversized cropped sweatshirt that I love to work in, and the other an oversized chunky hooded sweatshirt. One is designer and the other is Zara, but we’ll talk about the Zara one for this piece. It is one of the best pieces Zara made and such great quality. I have had it for a couple of years now, which speaks to its durability, and it is still my go to. Again, it’s a very versatile piece that I have worn every way possible, and it worked each time. While Zara no longer makes the exact one that I have, they have some wonderful new options to choose from. It’s so great that you can even wear it in place of a coat on those cooler days.

7. Last, since we’ve all been spending a tremendous amount of time at home, I’m going to close out with a fall favorite for your home. Hands down it’s all about the linen duvet cover! I know linen is usually thought of for spring or summer, and while the sheets are great for the warmer months, a 100% linen duvet cover for a 100% down comforter is heaven for the fall. This season is all about layering and texture and your bed dressing should be thought of in the same manner. Layer with a nice velvet quilt in case you need a bit more warmth on cooler nights, or just a great wool throw. Either way, trust me when I tell you, this is another investment that you will not regret making. The linen is so soft and breathable that your body will thank you for a restful sleep in the morning. It gives the right amount of weight to the down comforter allowing it to stay light and fluffy, while also being soft and warm to the touch. Since fall has you cuddling a bit more with shorter days, a linen duvet is that perfect touch at the end of a long cool day to cuddle with. Parachute Home

I hope that you enjoy these products this fall season as much as I do, and as my good friend Jenelle would say, be well!

Larika Page is owner and fashion designer of her namesake brand, Larika Page Collection, and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and three kids. She is also founder of Doi’yen Marketplace, an online marketplace of products and services that are owned by women of color. In her free-time, Larika loves to paint abstract art and host movie nights with her family.


IG: @larikapagecollection

IG: @doiyenmarketplace

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