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Long Time, No See!

Well, hello there, friends!! Long time no see…at least in blog form. No, I haven’t forgotten about you…I have been laser focused on getting the podcast (Bloggers & Friends) up and running to broaden the Fear Not the Journey experience!! I gave it my full attention because consistency, in podcasting, and in most things in life, is key. Some of you have rocked with me on the podcast, thank you, and others have yet to get into it (Whatchya waitin’ on??), but no doubt we are growing this community on both fronts! Yaasss!

It has been such a wonderful journey, the conversations that I have had, the space that I have shared, the connections made, and the gems that I have gathered and received, have been nothing short of amazing. The experience has been, and will continue to be, a gift.

This past weekend on Bloggers & Friends Podcast, I kicked off an episode series on Passion | Purpose | & Service. This, for me, is special because I believe that we should all strive to be a blessing to others daily, and I think that because we have been blessed individually with talents and passions, we should be led in them by purpose and service, and I am welcoming guests on the podcast to talk about their journey in doing just that!

A few months back, CEO and Executive Producer of Plus One Society, Kristen Ingram, joined us for an episode, and she talked about serving from where you are, and in carrying that concept forward, my hope in doing this series, is to encourage others to reflect on their own gifts, talents, and passions, and inspire them to use them to serve and bless others.

If you have not already followed the podcast, take a second and click on the link below to check it out! Don't forget to share it with others, as I always say, it just may be the episode they didn't know they needed.

Be well y'all!

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