Show Up Being Who You Think You Are!

Who are you? Most people who find themselves in the position of being asked this question would probably state their first and last name, their career field and or educational background, marital status, and possibly their religion, while taking the opportunity to boast about their humble, or not so humble beginnings. They may go on fingering through the files of their life, telling how they have come to be who they are, and while they are at it, they may throw in some cute i

Take Out the Garbage Already: Clearing the shelves of your life and making room for growth.

For the record I am the crowned post it queen, post it as in sticky notes, that is. I was strategically placing quotes, affirmations, and reminders in my mirror daily, long before Mary Jane. And Issa I feel you, I’ve been in conversational relationship with my mirror since I was in single digits, my sisters will gladly tell you about that, blame my creative spirit. The post its were my way of reminding myself of my goals, and personal changes that I wanted to make in my life,