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See it for Yourself: Values for nurturing your vision.

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

All of the dreamers in the building raise your hands high. Come on, don’t be shy, be thankful that you have felt free enough to live in that vulnerable space. I raise my hand with you as I, myself, am a bonafide, card carrying dreamer since the age of three, or at least as far back as I can remember. I grew up certain that if I just believed in myself enough and worked hard enough, that I would attain the career, relationship, lifestyle and financial status that I desired. I subscribed to that way of thought until my mid 30’s when I experienced an unexpected career change, it was at this point that I began to grow and stretch my way of thinking. I advanced into a leadership role and it was through that role that I began to better define my personal mission and philosophy around who I am as a woman and as a servant leader. I grew to understand that much like prayer requires action, so does dreaming. Even our natural dreams and passions require a disciplined plan, and like many of us, I was taught to dream, but I was not taught how to nurture a vision; the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination and wisdom.

I identified the values that would help to change the way that I saw things for myself, this is how I began to make life happen instead of allowing life to happen to me:

  • Openness - Being open to ideas, relationships and experiences that can lead me to the opportunities or solutions.

  • Clarity - Having a clear understanding of the "why's".

  • Vision - Actually seeing it for myself, not just having the "want", but facilitating the "how".

  • Intention - Actively and deliberately pursuing the vision.

I visit these values daily, whether in thought, stillness or prayer, to ensure that I remain connected to what has become my guiding light in my participation in change and in creating the changes that I desire(d) for myself. Continue to dream my fellow dreamers, but do so with a nurtured vision.

Be well!

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