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Move B!@#% Get Out the Way! Getting rid of self-doubt.

Why do we torture ourselves? We, me, you, us; why do we do it? We have these dreams that we want to chase, goals that we want to accomplish, passions that we want to pursue, and changes that we want to make, but instead of making the decision to go after those endeavors, we play this cruel and twisted game with ourselves called “Self-doubt for Funsies”. Only, it’s not fun, it can leave us feeling stagnant and at times defeated. How do we begin to get around that when it’s so deeply engrained? My friends, we have to be brave, we have to be brave and JUMP! I’ll tell you more about what I mean.

I sat on this website and blog for almost a year before publishing, I knew that I loved to write, and I knew that I felt moved and inspired to encourage people to consider the possibilities of change, and how changing that perspective could change their life, but what I wasn’t prepared for was tripping over a hurdle mid sprint, that hurdle, the voice of self-doubt. The voice that made me question if anyone will want to hear my perspective, if anyone is interested in re-imagining change, if my writing was good enough for others to appreciate and enjoy, and how my blog will find its lane to sail in the sea of the world wide web, full of bloggers and influencers. But then I stood up, dusted myself off, and I remembered who the hell I was; fearless, courageous, ambitious and brave, and my bravery is what has always gotten me through life, so no need for the formula to change now. So, what did I do? I abruptly pressed the publish button as to not leave time to second guess myself, and that decision morphed into a series of other decisions, experiences and beautiful conversations that I would not have come into had I not pressed that button. It’s not perfect, it's simple and it has a ways to grow, but it's mine and I am proud. I had to start somewhere, otherwise I knew it would go nowhere.

There is a scene in one of my favorite movies Selena where Selena, played by Jennifer Lopez, is at a crossroads in her life where she feels as though she needs to make a difficult decision. The movie puts her in this dramatic moment at the top of a bungie jump platform hesitant and scared, the attendant says to her “The hardest part is letting go,” she then closed her eyes and jumped. That scene resonated with me as so many times we are the ones standing in our own way blocking our potential good fortune, prosperity and success all because of our self-doubts and inability to let go. I can’t begin to tell you how many incredible women I come across; passionate, skilled, educated, talented, intelligent, kind and witty; perfect living portraits of Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman. But, as phenomenal as they are, they are human, and fear preys on everyone, and spares no one. The seeds of fear are spread generously in the soil of our being; historically, culturally, socially and generationally, and its roots run deep.

· Fear of failure

· Fear of success

· Fear of the unknown

· Fear of change

· Fear of vulnerability

· Fear of acceptance

· Fear of judgement

· Fear of being enough

These doubts are what stands between you and your greatness and your potential ability to be a blessing to your family and others on a higher level. So, my challenge to you is to be brave, be brave and JUMP! Ignore the self-doubt and go for it!

· You are worthy

· There is only one YOU, don’t be afraid to package it up and share it with the world.

· Trust the foresight of what is written for you and don’t allow the unknown to be a deterrent.

· There is opportunity and possibility in change, engage and embrace it.

· Vulnerability is what breeds true authentic connection, lean into it.

· You are always enough

Remember the hardest part is letting go! Move that B!@#% self-doubt out of the way and create room for openness; new opportunities, new energy and new experiences.

Be well!

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