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Hello There Change

What is it about change that sends people running, arms flailing, for the hills? Just the mention of the word creates a fog of fear, anxiety and uncertainty, sending us spiraling into a paranoid freefall of guesses and assumptions about what may come. You know that feeling, when you sink back in your chair and hold your breath when you hear about the implementation of new processes, workflows, protocols, or initiatives at work. When you have stayed in a dead-end relationship because the idea of starting over seems far more terrifying than settling on familiar shortcomings. When you have struggled with loss because you can’t fathom what life would or could look like without a loved one. And running from the best version of yourself because the self-exploration requires a frightening level of truth that doesn’t allow hiding behind the excuses.

Well, what would happen if we did something unconventional and bold? What if we took back our power and chose to no longer associate the word change with lack of control, imposition, or loss? What if we considered change an opportunity where the possibility empowers us to rise to levels of greatness and strength that we never knew existed within ourselves? Change is part of life’s journey, and how change affects us, depends on our perception and our ability to engage.

Through this blog I hope to open people’s eyes to the ways with which change is managed and embraced; both personally and professionally, and how change can be a positive force when we choose to initiate, participate, and / or collaborate.

I hope that you continue to join me on this journey.

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Love, love, love this!



Ahh yes, I need this! Well said Jenelle. I am so looking forward to taking this journey with you!



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