See it for Yourself: Values for nurturing your vision.

All of the dreamers in the building raise your hands high. Come on, don’t be shy, be thankful that you have felt free enough to live in that vulnerable space. I raise my hand with you as I, myself, am a bonafide, card carrying dreamer since the age of three, or at least as far back as I can remember. I grew up certain that if I just believed in myself enough and worked hard enough, that I would attain the career, relationship, lifestyle and financial status that I desired. I

Hello There Change

What is it about change that sends people running, arms flailing, for the hills? Just the mention of the word creates a fog of fear, anxiety and uncertainty, sending us spiraling into a paranoid freefall of guesses and assumptions about what may come. You know that feeling, when you sink back in your chair and hold your breath when you hear about the implementation of new processes, workflows, protocols, or initiatives at work. When you have stayed in a dead-end relationship